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2014 Guest Chefs

Chef David Posey

Chef David Posey

Chef David Posey's first attempt at cooking came at the age of ten, when he began experimenting under the guidance of his mother. "I was a little chubby kid, so I wanted to learn how to make my own snacks," he says. Growing up, the California native was drawn to the creative aspects of cooking and music, spending time in and out of school pursuing both.

With his mother's encouragement, Posey took a kitchen job at a local restaurant during his sophomore year in high school. Although pay was minimal, Posey enjoyed the responsibility and pressure, eventually working his way into to a full-time position. The experience was pivotal, as it cemented his interest the in culinary field.

After high school, Posey attended the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, NY. His introduction to Chicago came via an externship at Trio, where Posey worked under then-Executive Chef Grant Achatz, who he credits for instilling an attention to detail. Drawn to Achatz' boundary-pushing cuisine, Posey returned to Chicago to work at Alinea, where he held positions in pastry and as Garde Manger.

In 2007, Posey left Alinea for Blackbird. Starting as a line cook, Posey worked his way through each kitchen position, becoming Chef de Cuisine in 2011. Nominated for Rising Star Chef by the James Beard Foundation in 2013, Posey has come into his own as Blackbird's Chef de Cuisine using simple farm-fresh ingredients and cutting-edge culinary technology to create a menu both highly creative and utterly approachable.

Chef Dan Kluger

Chef Dan Kluger

If Dan Kluger is a New York City kid, born and raised, he's also a New York City chef. Just as he worked his way up the ranks of greater metropolitan area playgrounds, Kluger came up the ranks of some of New York's top kitchens. And his cuisine, nestled now in the house that Jean-Georges built at ABC Kitchen, is like a reward given back to the city-and chefs-that helped him develop along the way.

Kluger had an early passion for food, growing up in a family where cooking played a major role, in a city that has historically prioritized, romanticized, and idolized its culinary culture. To take his homegrown passion to the next level, Kluger majored in Nutrition and Hospitality Management at Syracuse University. After an externship in the dining room of Union Square Café, Kluger returned to the Danny Meyer mecca upon graduation, working his way to his first kitchen position as a prep cook.

In 1999, the young chef became part of the opening team at Tabla, where he eventually became the chef de cuisine under Floyd Cardoz. Beyond acquiring a deft hand at seasoning with Indian spices, Kluger's seven years at Tabla enabled him to fine-tune his techniques and perfect the balance of flavors and textures in his dishes.

From there, Kluger worked under another iconic New York chef, Tom Colicchio, as executive chef at The Core Club. After four years, revolutionizing the stuffy traditions of "members only" dining, Kluger joined the Jean Georges group, where he's helped open restaurants in Arizona, Utah, DC, and of course, New York. At ABC Kitchen, the chef showcases his fully matured sense of flavor and texture, balancing a bold imagination with respect for the product, and rewarding New York with another son of its fecund culinary culture.